Experienced copywriters: it's time to wake up.

it's not enough to be

"Just A copywriter" anymore.

See how we're helping our students upskill fast, capitalising on AI disruption and growing their careers (and incomes) to new heights right now 👇

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Let's address the robot in the room...

AI disruption is well and truly here.

And it has split the copywriting world into 2 groups...

Each reacting in, shall we say, 'different' ways to the industry shifts.

Let's break it down:

Group #1: The Headless Chickens 🐔

This is by FAR the majority of copywriters.

Most are acting as though doomsday has arrived and the grim reaper is at their doorstep ☠️

It's almost like AI has 'spoiled' copywriting for them.

Up to now, they've been skating by...

Cranking out words and bragging about wins they had little to do with on Facebook.

So it's no surprise they're worried about the future and doubting if this is a viable career path anymore.

(There's also a section of Group #1 who did initially panic, but are now claiming this whole AI thing will "blow over" or that it's "not a big deal". If that's you, keep reading - you might find some issues with that line of thinking 😬)

Now look...

We empathise with Group #1. We really do.

On the surface, AI seems very scary.

It can spit out some damn good stuff when given the right inputs.

And, to Group #1's credit...

Copywriters - even experienced, well-paid ones - ARE starting to get replaced by it.

^ Replacement like this is happening more and more with each passing day...

Not to mention...

Group #1 has noticed that some people running 7 & 8-figure operations - who would otherwise be considered great clients - have begun changing how they view copywriters.

Take a look:

(Personal info blacked out for privacy)


Our personal experience backs all this up, too.

In the last few months...

We've seen a few great copywriters - whose copy was converting well - lose clients overnight to AI.

(Or teams of copywriters cut for just ONE copywriter using AI)

And in other cases...

We've seen copywriters get their retainers / per-project rates slashed because the client wants to use AI for the heavy-lifting, while they act as glorified editors.

Yes, in some cases, clients made short-sighted decisions.

But in others...

The replacement / semi-replacement actually led to HIGHER conversions for the business overall.

Anyway, point is:

Those who doubt the scale of the disruption simply aren't AWARE of what's going on.

And hey...

If Group #1 thinks all of that ^^^ is bad...

Let's HOPE no one tells them about AI tools on the horizon.

Like for example, ones that can accurately mimic a person's voice, tone, and cadences...

Putting a wrecking ball through their belief that "AI copy is robotic, it can never write like a human!".

(How we know: one of our team members works as a consultant for a software company like this)

That'll really have them sweating bullets 😅

Now look...

We're NOT trying to spread panic.

(In fact as you'll see in a moment, it's not cause for panic at all - given you position yourself correctly)


We want to make sure every copywriter is 'awake' to reality.

So if you're in Group #1, we aren't suggesting you're going to lose your gigs immediately.

(Although it HAS happened to some experienced copywriters, as we showed above...)

But doing nothing, waiting for AI to keep evolving, and then going "huh, I should maybe do something now" when things start getting really hot probably isn't the wisest idea!

So, what's the solution?

Working copywriters need to wake up, and jump QUICKLY into...

Group #2: The Cool Cucumbers 🥒

Amongst all the chaos...

There's a small group of smart copywriters - the top 5% - who aren't worried at all.

Yes, they see the industry disruption.

They're aware that even experienced copywriters are potentially at risk.

They recognize AI is NOT something to be dismissed this time.

Yet, still:

They're EXCITED!

It may sound cold...

But they KNOW the industry changes are going to make it easier for them to rise to the top.

And as their less-skilled competition starts floundering...

They're poised to capitalise and gain HUGE amounts of market share.

(i.e. bigger, better client deals... higher demand for their services... and much more long-term growth potential)

See, Group #2 have realised a simple truth:

It's NOT ENOUGH to be

'just a copywriter' anymore.


They've realised that the way to win is to develop a keen understanding of the full picture of marketing and business.

And by "full picture"...

We mean developing a toolbox of skills that covers:

👉 Offer strategy, positioning, and pricing (as well as how to create needle-moving offers from scratch)

👉 Traffic strategies and media buying basics

👉 Optimal list building for different types of businesses

👉 Different ways to improve lead and customer quality

👉 How to properly analyse data (even experienced copywriters get this one wrong time and time again)

👉 Optimising critical data points like LTV

👉 List management and deliverability

👉 Ways to mitigate refunds

👉 Troubleshooting underperforming funnels / campaigns

The list goes on!

Point is:

While upskilling in this manner has always been important...

(And we've been helping copywriters do it for years)

It's now become non-negotiable.

"But I'm just a copywriter!

I'm not supposed to know all of this!"

Whoops... that's not true.

All the veteran A-listers are full-stack strategists.

It's only in recent times that the definition of 'copywriter' has been watered down to mean 'words person'.

And unfortunately:

Even Many advanced copywriters are only familiar with these "full-picture" skills... not proficient in them.

(So if you're reading this with a smug expression, thinking "I already know this stuff!"... think again 😅)


The last few years, you could've gotten away with being hyper-specialised in just copywriting.

But the game has changed.

People believing they don't need to know the "full picture" are most at risk of being eventually replaced.

But if you DO develop that wider business knowledge, and build your skills in the way we're describing?

You supersede the title of 'copywriter'.

And instead:

You position yourself as a revenue-generating ASSET for clients you're working with...

...adding more value, generating far better results, and bulletproofing your position long-term!

Think about it:

No business owner in their right mind would get rid of a team member who consistently drives revenue, sales, and profits forward in a major way.

So forget titles, BECOME that team member.

And always remember this:

AI can replace implementation,

but it CAN'T replace strategy.

(Even if it could, that'd be amazing - all we'd need to do is create a great offer and let the AI do the hard work of marketing and selling!)

What you CAN do, that AI can't...

Is think, problem-solve, and act as a full-stack strategist.

THIS is how you continue to grow your income and your career.

THIS is how you capitalise on the disruption instead of being steamrolled by it.

THIS is how you win over the next 6-12 months.

So few copywriters are aware they need to do this...

And fewer still will take the time to upskill themselves in this manner.

Can you see how much of a competitive advantage there is for those who take action NOW?

So with that being said...

The question has to be asked:

How do you go from Group #1 to Group #2?


Through training, coaching, and ongoing support from a team of experts who know EXACTLY how to upskill copywriters, and have been doing so for YEARS.

And wow...

What a coincidence...

You're currently reading a sales page for a program that ticks those exact boxes 😉

(All our students are in Group #2 - as revenue-generating assets, not mere 'copywriters', they're poised to take advantage of the industry shifts instead of getting nuked out of the water by them)

So with that intro out of the way, let's get into it...


Imagine combining the expertise of:

👉 The 'Underground A-lister', who has helped his clients pull in over $900m across 400+ niches...

👉 A retainer-getting expert, who has coached 100+ copywriters, many of whom now earn 6-figures writing for huge clients...

👉 The 'King Of Conversion' and email marketing master, with 9-figures in sales to his name for brands like Dr Axe, Jumpcut, and Ramit Sethi...

👉 A 7-figure, in-the-trenches copywriter, who's known as the go-to guy for many huge DR companies...

👉 The 'Queen Of Direct-Response', a 25-year veteran and master of writing to female markets, ranked as one of the greatest copywriters of all time (past and present)...

👉 The 'Copy Alchemist', a #1 best-selling copywriting author and one of the most sought after copy mentors, who's work has helped clients generate $100m+ in her career so far...

And now...

Imagine getting unlimited, 1-on-1 access to these 6 experts...

Where you can submit as many pieces of copy for review as you like...

With them giving you line-by-line feedback on every single word...

Coaching you through every mindset hurdle you might come up against...

Showing you how to grow your income by landing new retainer deals and negotiating higher rates...

While supporting you literally every step of the way as you make the jump from an experienced copywriter to a full-stack marketing strategist

But instead of this being the usual amount coaches charge...

Whether that's $3k/month...


even $8k/month...

Imagine getting access to this level of expert support for a much lower 4-figure-per-month investment!

Imagine getting access to this level of expert support for a much lower 4-figure-per-month investment!

Well, imagine no longer.

Our names are Adil Amarsi (The Underground A-lister)...

... Shiv Shetti (The retainer-getting expert)...

... Rob Allen (The 'King Of Conversion')...

... Lavan Jeyarupalingam (7-figure copywriter)...

... Lorrie Morgan (The 'Queen Of Direct Response')...

... & Pauline Longdon (The 'Copy Alchemist').


We've created the new standard of copy mentoring programs that does everything we teased above 😎

We call it:

The Copywriting Mastery Mentorship Program

(CMMP for short)

This CMMP was born out of necessity.


Most “coaching” programs these days, be it group or 1-on-1, either have...

👎 Eye-watering price tags

(e.g. $30k up front or $40k per year)

👎 Extremely short periods of actual coaching and support

(e.g. 6 weeks)

👎 Very tight restrictions on the amount of coaching you get

(e.g. only 1 piece of copy can be reviewed each session)

👎 An ETERNITY of waiting time between coaching calls

(e.g. 1 coaching call per week - or even worse, per MONTH)

👎 Course portals so large it’s borderline criminal to call it a “coaching” program

(e.g. 100+ hours of course content)

👎 Huge FB groups that make you feel like a voice in the crowd

(e.g. 1000+ members)

👎 Or some ungodly ‘Frankenstein’ creation of all those things!

(e.g. $8k for 12 weeks, 1 call per week, a fb group that the coach is barely active in, plugged up Zoom calls where you barely get any support from the coach, plus 50 hours of online course training)

Sure, this is a great setup for the coaches.

But it's NOT so great for you!

Because in almost every single instance…

The PRINCIPLE is to charge as much as possible… whilst trying to ‘get away’ with as little coaching as possible.

Bottom line:

This creates TERRIBLE experiences for their students

(i.e. YOU).

So naturally...

We wanted to create something that moved in the complete opposite direction to all of that.

Something that’s 100% focussed on YOU and YOUR results...

Not us and our egos.

Thus... the CMMP was born!

Our goal was simple:

To create the LAST copy coaching program you'll ever need.

And to show you EXACTLY how we fulfil that ^^^ promise...

Here's Shiv Shetti breaking down the 5 core components of the program, so you can see the far superior way we set things up:

Component #1

The Scale Session

No amount of copy coaching / client-getting strategy will make up for shoddy personal performance.

That's why a 'Scale Session' is the first thing we do for all our students.

It's a deep dive into personal life optimisation - sleep, diet, energy, habits, routines, focus, scheduling, boundaries, the list goes on.

Even better...

We've had one of the world's top high-performance coaches refine our 'Scale Session' process... helping our students get the best possible results from it.

See more below:

Component #2

Daily Copy Critiques

Almost all copy mentors fail to offer 2 key things:

(1) Daily access to copy reviews for FAST, on-demand feedback

(2) Proper critique call structure so you can get line-by-line feedback on your copy, regardless of length

In the CMMP however...

We do both - and we do them extremely well.

Watch the video below to see how:

Component #3

1on1 WhatsApp Support

One other key thing necessary for the best possible results:

Consistent accountability & support for the day-to-day.

Enter: 1on1 WhatsApp coaching!

Even better...

What if you could send unlimited messages to your coach? Whenever you like? Covering whatever topic you need help / support with?

In the CMMP, you can.

Here's how it works:

(NOTE: This is one of the best ways we help our students become more than 'just a copywriter'. Your WhatsApp coach will show you exactly how to step into the role of a strategist for your clients, turning you into a revenue-generating asset for them)

Component #4

Placements & Prospecting

(To land large retainers with whale clients)

Having world-class copy coaching is great...

But assuming you have the capacity for more / bigger clients...

Getting access to a cutting-edge process for landing large retainer deals with 6, 7, and 8-figure clients is the cherry on top.

Shiv's "Flaming Camel" process helps copywriters do just that.

It has created countless success stories, and has previously sold as a separate program for $5k+, but if you join CMMP, you get it on the house.

But in case that alone doesn't excite you:

We've recently built out an entire recruitment 'arm' to the CMMP, doing all the work of a prospecting strategy by making full-blown retainer placements for our members.

(In other words: retainers with high-quality businesses on a silver platter - all you need to do is show up, get paid, and write the copy!)

This is perfect for getting booked up with high-paying client work if you're not already at that point.

More info below...

(NOTE: if you're just the 'words person', prospecting will be tough... even with retainer placements or something like the Flaming Camel. Instead, you need to have the full-stack skills of a strategist before you bring on any new clients... something, naturally, we help all our students develop.)

Component #5

Correction Calls w/ Adil


You just need to speak directly to a veteran of the game.

Whether it be a promotional strategy you want help fleshing out...

An ongoing issue with your chops you want to get fixed...

Or any larger issue that's best discussed 1-on-1 with an A-lister instead of via critique calls or the WhatsApp coaching...

You can book a 'Correction Call' with Adil Amarsi to do just that.

As one of the top copywriters in the world, Adil charges $3500/hr for consulting.

(His past consulting clients have included Ryan Levesque, Mindvalley, Taylor Welch, Mara Glazer, and Jon Benson to name a few)

But as part of your CMMP membership...

You can book as many calls as you like with Adil, as often as you like.

Even A-listers offering 1-on-1 coaching don't do it at this level.

(And fewer are world-class at copywriting AND marketing like Adil is)

Watch below to see how these work:

So just to recap... you get access to:

👉 Unlimited access to copy critiques from top-of-their-game copywriters...

👉 Unlimited access to support, and daily accountability, via WhatsApp...

👉 Retainer placements with 6, 7, 8, and 9-fig businesses, and a proven process for landing $3k to $5k/mo retainers yourself...

👉 Access to supplementary 1-on-1 calls with Adil "Underground A-lister" Amarsi whenever you want...

👉 Plus high-performance coaching to almost 'force' you to get the best possible results

In other words:

Everything you need to become a top 5% copywriter In the age of aI disruption!

Now, unlike our competitors...

Who seem to take a sadistic joy in shepherding people into a Facebook group that’s bursting at the seams...

(Where their questions go unanswered and the coaches don’t know them from a bar of soap)

We put student experience first, always.

It's our CORE guiding principle.

We're growing things slowly and steadily, one step at a time.

In doing so, bringing on more students has allowed us to IMPROVE the coaching and support...

(As we refine our processes, find new ways to get our students better results, re-invest into more high-quality coaches, etc)

Compared to other copy coaching programs that somehow manage to get significantly worse the bigger they get.

In fact, we literally hired two Operations Managers - Dee and Chris - who's sole jobs are to make sure the support gets better as we grow.

So rest assured...

We're not trying to scale scale scale and hoover up as many people as we can at all costs.


Our ethos of growing slowly and putting experience first means we can triple down on student results.

See... the goal of the CMMP is simple:

Copywriting Nirvana 🏝️

This is the term we've given for the ultimate 'Shangri-La' of copywriting:

✅ Your ideal income

✅ Freedom & fun

✅ Amazing results for clients you love

(Yes, this is all possible, even right now - assuming you upskill yourself in the way we've talked about on this sales page)

Of course...

It'll take hard work and consistent efforts on your part.

Expect it to be a challenge - reaching the upper tiers of any industry is never easy.

But if you bring the work ethic and the drive...

We've helped so many other copywriters arrive at their version of Copywriting Nirvana that we're confident we can do the same for you.

Here are just a few examples:

(NOTE: every single success story below has - in some way - come from a student evolving into strategist. This is how they get great results for clients, how they charge top dollar, and how they get to enjoy fruitful, high-growth careers. Keep that in mind as you scroll...)

"My clients are much happier... my copy is sharper and selling way more! This really is the perfect copy coaching program."

-Michael Diggins

(NOTE: when Michael recorded this video testimonial, we were doing 3 critique calls per week... but now we have daily calls)

Here's Michael reaching $17k/month with our help:

"I joined the CMMP to get better with my copy chops, to think more outside the box, and to get an even higher ROI for my clients... and I could NOT be happier with the results. These guys have really overdelivered!"

-Harry Lodes

Here's Harry (also!) reaching $17k/month with our help:

"I wanted support and personal attention to help me become a better copywriter and the CMMP has been even BETTER than expected. These guys are offering the best copy coaching program out there!"

-Raj Joshi

Here's Raj pulling in almost $100k for a promo we helped him write...

"The level of support is ridiculous... and after Shiv & Adil's copy suggestions, I made one of my clients over $300k! Can't recommend the CMMP enough."

-Aaron Nelson

We're not done yet!

Here's a load more 'quick fire' results...

(NOTE: some names removed for privacy reasons)

(^ Here's a student setting their sights on $30k/month, after we helped him get to $21k/month consistently)

(^ Here's one of our students smashing $15k/month after bringing on a third $5k/month retainer (plus royalties) with our help)

(^ Here's Amanda landing a $7k/month retainer with our support - alongside her other gigs that puts her at 6-figures.)

(^ Here's another student joining the 6-figure club at $8.5k/month!)

(^ Here's copywriter John Conroy using Shiv's Flaming Camel process to close another retainer and reaching $13k/month... putting him in a position to buy a house in cash)

(^ Here's our student Conor reaching $7k per month writing for whale clients)

(^ A "normal" conversation with a student who used our help to get booked up with retainer work, and is now also making $7k/month)

(^ Here's Alex Cho doubling her income after getting Shiv's help to bring on a new $5k/mo retainer, getting her to $10k/month)

(^ Here's one of our students bumping up just ONE of his retainers from $5k/mo -> $7.5k/mo... an easy negotiation since his copy is now converting extremely well)

(^ Here's an INSANE revenue share gig a copywriter landed using the Flaming Camel - where he's making $20k per client for 3 months work)

(^ What one of our students Gonçalo had to say, a few weeks after joining the CMMP... getting your copy reviewed by an A-lister with a track-record that rivals the likes of David Deutsch, John Carlton, and Dan Kennedy is a mind-blowing experience the first time)

(^ A message that perfectly encapsulates the magic of 'Copywriting Nirvana')

(^ Here's one of our students pulling in $400k for a client's launch, after getting his copy critiqued and reviewed by us)

(^ Jason: "Ad campaigns are converting, clients love the copy, and my writing skills are getting faster and sharper by the week.")

(^ Here's a student bumping up his retainer from $3.5k/mo to $5k/mo with our help)

(^ Here's a student landing another large retainer with Shiv's Flaming Camel)

(^ One of our students, Anthony, smashing 2 so called "unbeatable" email controls after getting the copy reviewed, line-by-line, by us)

(^ This student lost his 6-figure job during Covid, but now as a copywriter, he's earning well over double his past income!)

Alright, that'll do...

Bottom line is this:

If you TRULY want to reach the top tiers of this industry… growing your business (and skills) to new heights…

AND you’re an experienced, working copywriter who already has a track-record of client results you can point to…

Then you're exactly who we're looking for! ✅

But keep in mind:

Whenever the program is open (it may or may not be depending on when you're reading this), we can ONLY take on a few people.

At any given time...

That could be 10 more students.

It could be 5.

It could just be 3.

[UPDATE: given the industry shifts, we've opened up a few more spots than usual... we want to keep the program open for longer to help upskill as many copywriters as we can. But we still can't take on everyone!]

It's often very hard for us to say a specific number because each student comes to us requiring different levels of support.

So that being said...

If you’d like to join our intimate group, and get 6 top-of-their-game copywriters in your corner, coaching, supporting, and mentoring you through your career…

Helping you to:

✅ Build advanced chops AND the full-stack skills necessary to generate huge ROIs for your clients (or your own offers), capitalising on AI disruption...

✅ Become a confident, top-tier copywriter in the upper echelons of this industry…

✅ Bring on additional, large retainers... negotiate higher rates... launch and scale your own offers successfully... and generally reach your earning potential...

Let’s talk!

Click The Link Below To Book A Copywriting Breakthrough Call Today

In this 20-minute, Zoom-hosted call:

(Run by Shiv Shetti)

​You’ll talk about where you’re currently at in your copywriting career...

​You'll talk about what you want to achieve with copywriting - in terms of skills, income, lifestyle, and everything in between...

(i.e. what "Copywriting Nirvana" looks like for you)

You'll then discuss how copywriting coaching comes into the picture, and whether the CMMP really is the next best step for you.

Based on the points above...

Shiv will decide if you're a good fit for the CMMP.

If you are...

You'll be presented with the opportunity to claim one of the spots in our private group.

But hey...

If it becomes clear that you're NOT the right fit for what we do...

Shiv will tell you straight up, and give you some free advice and direction just so the Copywriting Breakthrough Call wasn’t a waste of your time.

Sound fair?

Click The Link Below To Book A Copywriting Breakthrough Call Today


We're sure there's a part of you that wants to get started right away...

But we've found a Copywriting Breakthrough Call to be the BEST first step in this process.

Reason being... people who book calls are 1000X more committed than people who join a coaching program through a payment link.

But more importantly:

We don't bring people into the CMMP at random.

In order for us to get you results, we have to first make sure we can genuinely help you.

The Copywriting Breakthrough Call is the best way for us to do that.

(Plus this is YOUR opportunity to ask any questions before you jump in)

Again... this isn't gonna be some awkward high-pressure conversation

Sure… if you’re a fit… Shiv will make you an offer.

But he's NOT going to ram the CMMP down your throat.

And look, we get it.

Booking in a call can seem daunting.

You might be worried you're gonna be dealing with some Wolf Of Wall Street salesman with slick back hair and a tailored Van Heusen who's looking to twist you into a close, no matter what.

But that's just NOT how we operate.

(Our approach is if it's not a "hell yes" from you, it's a "hell no" from us)

And here's the thing...

All our CMMP students were once sitting on the sidelines, uncertain about whether this was the right step for them...

...yet they ALL took the plunge by booking a Copywriting Breakthrough call.

And now?

Well... you’ve seen the MANY testimonials and results above.

But in case that wasn't enough - here are a few more success stories that might tip you over the edge:

Gonçalo Fernandes

Freelance copywriter

“With the help of the CMMP, I've brought on 2 solid retainer clients and make close to $8k per month on my best-performing months. But in my opinion, the CMMP is not about making more money.

It's about having the copywriting skills and business knowledge to build a life of freedom doing something you love. (The money and clients come as a result of that...)

It's definitely not easy and you will have to work hard!

But with Shiv, Lavan, Rob, Adil, and the rest of Team CMMP's mentorship, it all became very simple and straightforward. At the risk of sounding 'hypey', I must say CMMP changed my life forever."

Areeba Ahmed

Freelance copywriter

“I love the attention to detail in the CMMP.

The coaches literally go through your copy with a fine-toothed comb and point out every little thing.

This has been a massive help in improving my copy chops.

And due to the success of a test project Adil copy-chiefed, I was able to land a long-term retainer.

If you’re someone who’s dead serious about becoming a world-class copywriter, the CMMP is the group to be in!”

Alex Ko

Freelance copywriter

“Since joining the CMMP, I've noticed a huge boost in my confidence and focus.

I used to spend hours writing simple copy. But with the tools Team CMMP recommended, plus the mindset advice and daily accountability from my WhatsApp coach Lavan, I find myself working twice as fast without sacrificing quality.

Plus I know Lavan and the rest of the CMMP coaches are just a text / post away to overcome any challenges I face.

If there's an "end-game" coaching program, this is it!"

Krishna Pandey

Freelance copywriter

"The MOST valuable thing about CMMP for me has been the WhatsApp coaching.

This level of 1-on-1 help is unheard of - I don't think ANYBODY is doing it. And here are you guys absolutely killing it with 1-on-1 WhatsApp support.

I often have super tight deadlines, or I'm in middle of an important conversation with a client... so the ability to get a quick second opinion from an A-lister has been a complete game changer for me!

The amount of confidence I get knowing that my coaches are there to make sure everything goes smoothly is priceless.

Plus, seeing how you guys recently doubled down on AI and mastering marketing strategy... I'm now looking at my clients' overall businesses from the lens of a marketer and not just a copywriter!"

So if you wanna follow in the footsteps of our successful students...

You know what to do:

Click The Link Below To Book A Copywriting Breakthrough Call Today


"How much of a time commitment is this?"

This is a fully bespoke coaching program... not an online course.

This means the entire program has been designed to work around YOUR schedule.

There's no set amount of hours / set time commitment you need to put in to see results.

Although of course, the more you engage with the program, the better.

➡️ With the WhatApp coaching...

You can send messages whenever you want / whenever you're able, every single day.

Your WhatsApp coach will get back to you during the 2-hour window they have blocked out.

But you do NOT have to be around / available at that time.

(Your coach WILL be reaching out to you, too - for daily accountability and to ensure you're functioning as more than just a copywriter for your clients - but respond whenever you can!)

➡️ With the copy critiques...

Whenever you want your copy critiqued, follow our process for submission and we'll take care of the rest.

(Remember, there are no limits on this... you can submit as much copy for review as many times as you want)

Everything is recorded, uploaded to our portal, and time-stamped.

All you have to do is pull up the recording, scrub to the point in the video where your stuff is being reviewed... then watch and take action.

It's recommended, but you do NOT have to attend the calls live.

Your experience & results in the program will not be affected by this.

➡️ With the additional support calls:

Scale Sessions are a one-off call that you'll do as soon as you join... and you choose the day / time that works for you.

Correction Calls can get booked in whenever you like, as many times as you like... and again, YOU get to choose the day / time that works.

"Can I join if I don't have much client work?"

It's highly recommended you join the program with consistent, ongoing client work we can critique / review.

The more client work you come to us with... the quicker we can advance your skills and look to increase your rates / negotiate higher retainers.

Of course, if bringing on more / bigger / better clients is a priority for you, then great. We can definitely help with that!

But if the ONLY reason you'd join is to bring on clients - in other words, you have zero / very little current client work, and the other features of the CMMP aren't that important for you - then it's probably best to sit this out.

It's not that we can't help, it's that you simply won't get the full value out of your investment in the program.

If you're still not sure after reading that ^^^, book a call and we'll review your application to decide if it makes sense for you to move forward.

"I want to create / launch / grow / scale my own offers, can you help with that?"


Every coach on Team CMMP has multiple offers of their own...

Selling all sorts of different products and services across a huge array of different markets.

Point is, we know what it takes and how to do it successfully!

We tell every copywriter that it's MUCH harder than it seems, but if you want to take that leap, we can help.

(A good chunk of our current members are also offer owners - and as of writing this we just helped a student enjoy a $10k revenue week after we showed her how to refine and re-launch an offer that needed work)

"I'm a beginner copywriter, can I join?"

Afraid not!

We can only help experienced, working copywriters with proven track-records.

If you're just starting out, or you've only landed a few smaller gigs on Upwork so far, then that's cool - but please get more paid experience with larger clients as well as some solid client wins under your belt FIRST.

When you have that, come back to us!

Ok look...

If you've read this far...

You owe it to yourself to book a Copywriting Breakthrough Call with Shiv.

So click the link below...

Pick a date and time that works for you...

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If all looks good, you'll be chatting with Shiv on Zoom.

He'll get to know you, your challenges, your goals, etc

From there... if you're a good fit for the CMMP...

He'll talk more about what that looks like, and you'll explore options for getting started that work for you.

But if you're NOT a good fit...

That's fine too.

Shiv will tell you straight up, and give you some free direction and advice so the call isn't a waste of time.

You literally have nothing to lose.

Either you advance your career in a MAJOR way by joining arguably the best copy mentoring program that exists...

(And one of the only programs designed to help you become MORE than a copywriter)

Or you'll come away from the call with some actionable insights to advance your career regardless!

You in?

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Shiv, Adil, Rob, Lavan, Lorrie, Pauline, & The Copywriting Mastery Team